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I love swim camp. Every year, 20 swimmers and triathletes join Startline Coaching for a 3-day swim camp in beautiful St. Petersburg. Year over year, this “all levels” program improves performance across a broad spectrum of athletes, ages, and skill levels. It’s exciting to have athletes return each year and welcome newcomers.

An immersive experience like swim camp has benefits that cannot be gained in solo, weekly training. It’s a rare opportunity to disconnect and focus on one thing – swimming! Athletes learn about, practice, review video, and incorporate fundamental principles into their open water swim stroke and learn a few Jedi master tricks along the way. Athletes are guided by professional coaches who offer targeted feedback and direction, and are inspired by the energy of the group. For many triathletes, this kind of swim experience simply is not available in their hometowns.

The March 2022 camp was no exception – fins, snorkels, drills, swim sets, a great outdoor pool, and great company. Many thanks to the great crew of triathletes and swimmers who made it such a blast. Coach Earl Walton and I watched with big grins as each swimmer developed a better swim stroke, moved more fluidly in the water, and gained open water confidence. As always it was huge fun and hugely rewarding.

Intrigued? Got a little FOMO? Join us for the upcoming camp from May 13-15, 2022!

Visualize your swim leg. How will it feel?

Too often, the swim portion of a triathlon is viewed as a survival leg. Athletes use brute strength, endurance, and grit to get through it. But if you want faster bike and run legs, then learn to swim without draining your energy and building excess fatigue.

Triathlon swimming is all about:

  • Efficient technique
  • Open water savvy & confidence
  • Pacing control

Our swim camps will get you out of the water ready to race vs. ready to recover:

  • Receive direct instruction from expert triathlon swim coaches
  • See your self and others on video with coach feedback
  • Understand what it is about your freestyle stroke that is holding you back
  • Learn effective drills for you that will help you correct your flaws
  • Develop open water skills & confidence
  • Understand pacing for your workouts

Camp #1 – March 25-27

  • 3 spots left
  • Price: $625 until Feb 28
  • Registration closes March 19

Camp #2 – May 13-15

  • Only 10 spots left
  • Price: $600 initial registration price extended through Feb 28

Join us & transform your swim.

3 Day Triathlon Swim Camp in St. Petersburg, Florida | $600 price increases midnight 1/31 | Max occupancy: 30 Athletes

We’d love to see you and want to be sure you don’t miss out on registering before the price increases tonight.

Sunshine.  World class pool facility on the water.  Amazing coaching.

All this & more awaits you at the Startline Coaching Swim Camp in St. Petersburg Florida.  The perfect kick off to your summer and your season and the best way to take your swimming to the next level. 

Join us in St. Petersburg Florida March 25-27th!

Head coaches: Earl Walton & Peter Helling

8 weeks until Swim Camp in Florida! Grab a space before the prices increases on 1/31 at midnight.

Sunshine.  World class pool facility on the water.  Amazing coaching.

All this & more awaits you at the Startline Coaching Swim Camp in St. Petersburg Florida.  The perfect kick off to your summer and your season and the best way to take your swimming to the next level. 

Join us in St. Petersburg Florida March 25-27th!

3 Day Triathlon Swim Camps in St. Petersburg, Florida | 2 camps available |
black Friday registration price – $550 available until midnight | Max occupancy: 30 Athletes

25 people arrive at a pool – Some want to qualify for the World Championships, some want to race their first triathlon.  Some of those folks were talked into the Swim Camp by a significant other.  All left the pool swimming better, with new friends, a little suntan and a chance to thrive not just survive the first leg of their triathlon. 

Swimming is a life skill and a doorway to fitness and new experiences – we can’t wait to get you in the pool and show you what is possible!

Coaches Peter Helling and Earl Walton have a combined 50 years of coaching between them and look forward to helping you reach your goals this season.

Join us in sunny St. Petersburg Florida for the Startline Coaching Swim Camp and bring your goals. 

Use the coupon code “blacktriday” during registration. The coupon is valid through 11/30.

3 Day Triathlon Swim Camp in St. Petersburg, Florida | 2 Camps available |
blacktriday registration price – $550 | Max occupancy: 30 Athletes

Triathlon racing is back! Kick off your season with us at the Startline Coaching Swim Camp in St. Petersburg Florida!      

Start your season with a plan for your swimming.  Every athlete will receive individual stroke and training guidance, and coaches will lead season planning sessions to set you up for racing success. 

Use the coupon code “blacktriday” during registration. The coupon is valid through 11/30. Act fast to secure your spot.

Event Details:

  • Expert coaching
  • 10 hours of pool & open water swim instruction & training
  • Sunshine & all outdoor 50 meter and/or 25 meter pool sessions
  • Technique and training-focused sessions
  • Video stroke analysis
  • Classroom sessions focusing on correct form using samples of video captured of athletes attending the camp
  • Low athlete:coach ratio ensuring plenty of individual attention
  • Dryland strength sessions & instruction to supplement your pool time.
  • A chance to focus and learn with athletes and friends of every level
  • Optional 1 hour one-on-one endless pool swim form analysis with a coach (6 slots only)

Camp Location: North Shore Aquatic Complex, St. Petersburg

Two Camp Dates:

  • Camp #1: March 25-27, 2022
  • Camp #2:  May 13-15, 2022

Blacktriday Pricing:

  • Single Camp: $550 (regular price $600)
  • 2 Camp series bundle: $950
  • Optional 1 hour one-on-one endless pool swim form analysis with a coach (6 slots): $150

Note: The safety of all athletes, coaches, and staff is of paramount concern as we collectively face the health and safety risks of the COVID-19 pandemic. All Startline Coaching programs follow USA Swimming best practices, USA Triathlon Safe Return to Multisport Guidelines and Return to Racing Recommendations for Race Directors and the directives issued by federal, state and local authorities. All athletes, coaches, & staff engaged in Startline Coaching programs are expected to follow the USA Triathlon Return to Racing recommendations for Athletes as well as Startline Coaching Return to Training Safety Code of Conduct.

Note: As of Oct 1, 2021, and without exception, all participants in Startline Coaching programs must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to attendance at any and all in-person Startline Coaching training or clinic sessions.

Covid-19 safety protocols:

Arrival, departure, & on deck protocols

  • Swimmers will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination at check-in. Vaccination is mandatory to attend
  • Swimmers must be COVID-19 Symptom free to attend
  • Swimmers are asked not to share food/drink
  • Masks are not required while on deck, at arrival or on departure.

In pool & classroom protocols:

  • Swimmers will be organized into pods of 12-15 swimmers.
  • Each swimmer will train in the same lane for the entire weekend.
  • Swimmers will attend class room sessions in their 12-15 person pods
  • Masks are not required

Last year, I had the great pleasure of attending a three-day Swim Camp with five  #StartlineCoaching athletes in St. Petersburg, Florida. The swim camp, hosted by my long time coach, mentor, and friend Coach Earl Walton of #TailwindEndurance was an incredible experience.

Apart from the joys of swimming outside in February, each of us came away with substantial improvement in swim form and speed that we can focus on as the training season progresses. Nothing beats being totally immersed in a single sport for an entire weekend. So much progress can be made. A number of the athletes came away with a 10+ secs/100 yd improvement in their swim time trial pace, which is huge.

This year, Tailwind Endurance together with Startline Coaching is offering a February swim camp in Florida once again.

Come join us & transform your swim!

Camp Details



  • Registration closed for Camp #1 – 3/18/2022
  • Registration closes for Camp #2 – 5/6/2022

Location & Dates:

  • Location: North Shore Aquatics Complex – 901 North Shore Dr NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
  • Start: Jan 31, 2020, Arrive by 3 PM on Friday
  • End: Feb 2, 2020, Camp closes at 12 Noon on Sunday
    • Fri Evening Swim and group dinner
    • Sat Morning and Late afternoon Swims
    • Sun Morning Swim


  • Dry land training
  • Low coach to athlete ratio
  • Underwater video analysis & individualized feedback
  • Basic and advanced workouts
  • Open water (should temperatures allow)

*Early bird pricing. Price increases on Dec 15th! Price does not include travel and accommodation.

In general, you need to repeat a skill at least six times before new nuero-muscular connections are developed and reinforced. Often adaptation results in a bit of regression and discomfort, but with patience, feedback, iteration, and focus you can break an old habit and form a new one that can improve your swimming.

Too often, we avoid this process and revert to old patterns or habits, which is why improvement in swimming can be such a devil. Break that cycle now!

Startline Coaching has introduced a small group (12) Triathlete swim program specifically focused on form improvement. This program is specifically designed to a) provide individual feedback to every athlete and b) get athletes to focus with sufficient iteration to adapt to a cleaner swim form that will result in a more relaxed, efficient and better paced triathlon swim.

This program kicks off on Nov 7 and is closing fast with only 4 seats left. Move quickly and register today!

Off Season training begins in 3 weeks! After a few weeks off from structured training and some well earned rest, it is time to get off the couch and get moving again so not all of your fitness gains from last season are lost.

The fall is a wonderful time of year… The temperatures are cooler and you can introduce focus blocks into your training to improve on personal limiters. During the race season, the focus is on race specific preparation, but the fall allows you to step back, be disciplined and address gaps when you don’t have so many competing priorities.

This year, Startline coaching is offering two off season programs:

11 Week Run/Strength program:

  • Improve your run speed potential – Complete a focused run program with speed work aimed at a higher intensity 10M or 10K. You have to run faster to run fast.
  • Lack flexibility and constantly plagued by niggles & injuries that slow down your season progress. The program focuses on strength development & stretching to improve your durability and range of motion.

11 Week Triathlon Swim program:

  • Struggling with your swim form – Complete a swim progression focused on technique, endurance, & pacing control. Increase both the frequency & yardage that you swim, and receive specific form correction from a coach in a small group setting. Hold your best form for longer!
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