Head Coach – Peter Helling is a USAS swim coach, USAT Level 2 endurance triathlon coach and USAC Level 2 cycling coach w/ distinction, with over 10 years of endurance coaching experience. In addition, Peter is a USAC certified skills instructor. Finally, Peter is a USAT All American & WTC Silver All World Athlete, with over 15 years of competition experience.

Our coaching philosophy is to meet each athlete at their current level and develop them to higher performance, through structured endurance and skills programming and by developing their understanding of their sport. A more knowledgeable athlete is able to make better decisions during training and races, and maximize the outcome. The deeper the knowledge of the athlete the more effective the coaching impact!

Our training programs are challenging and designed to integrate athletes of all levels into a larger team for mutual support, joint accountability, and to enhance the overall experience of training and racing. Everyone is recognized for their own development and individual effort.

Our mission: Maximize each athlete’s potential. A well trained athlete is both knowledgeable & strong and knows how to optimize the race result.

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