Individual Training

Startline Coaching offers individualized season training programs for endurance athletes in the following endurance disciplines:

  • Open Water Distance Swimming: 5K, 10K
  • Triathlon: Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman, and Full Ironman
  • Running: Half Marathon & Marathon

Training programs are individualized based upon the athlete’s goals, current fitness, athletic background, and natural abilities profile.

The athlete can expect:

  • Season/Annual plan with focus on specific areas of development
  • Weekly detailed training plan
  • Weekly review of training data (to be loaded in Training Peaks)
  • Weekly phone consultation with their coach

The annual plan is adjusted based upon progress of the athlete, and life events. No plan is static!

The coaching philosophy of Startline Coaching is to develop the athlete physically, while building their knowledge of endurance training. A more knowledgeable athlete is able to make better decisions during training and races, and maximize the outcome.

The deeper the knowledge of the athlete the more effective the coaching impact!

2019 Rates:

CUSTOM Package: $185/month (with a minimum 3 month commitment)

  • Unlimited contact with Coach Peter via email and text
  • One on One Coach contact @ Wednesday evening and Saturday morning group training sessions held in Prospect Park or once-a-week phone conversation
  • Access to Startline Coaching Facebook group.
  • Annual training periodization integrating goal races, current fitness, and personal priorities
  • Sport specific clinics throughout the training season
  • Daily workouts via Training Peaks
  • Training Peaks training log to interact with coach and submit/track results
  • Swim, Bike, and run field testing to monitor progress and set accurate heart rate training,
  • Identification and targeting of performance limiters, detailed goal setting, and monitoring of progress throughout the season
  • Individualized pacing plans for all races
  • Detailed race performance analysis including review of power, pace, and heart rate files
  • 10% discount at Open Sky training camps

COMPETITIVE package: $295/month (with a minimum 9 month commitment) includes all benefits of the Custom package, PLUS:

  • Run form analysis and swim form video analysis
    • One swim assessment & feedback session every 3 months
    • One run assessment & feedback session every 3 months
  • Premium Training Peaks account

How to register:

If you are interested in participating in an individual training program, please schedule an appointment to speak one on one about your training needs.

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