Startline Coaching

2 weeks left before the off season run & bike programs start.

Coached, weekly group training sessions (in Prospect Park for runners and on Zwift for cyclists) build camaraderie, accountability, and learning.

All programs offer structured workouts via Training Peaks, along with regular testing to set benchmarks for each athlete’s zones and efforts.

Races are included for goal-setting and testing our mettle. 


  • 10 Week – 10k / 10 M PR – $265
  • 24 Week – Spring Marathon Prep – $620
  • Starts Nov 9


  • 10 Week – FTP Builder – $345
  • 20 Week – Extended cycling program for distance events – $640
  • Starts Nov 8

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to set a foundation for next years racing!

It’s happening – 4 days to go. Get your shoes on and laces tied for the off season run/strength program. The team will meet at Connecticut Muffin on the corner of Prospect Park West & 15 St. in Brooklyn. On site registration is at 7:30 am or register now so you can sleep in a bit more.

Workout begins at 8:00 am! First work out is 30-40 mins of EZ running interspersed with body weight strength exercises. Come and have some fun in the park!

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