2023 Off-Season Run and Bike Programs Open for Registration!

Thinking about your prior season? Want to become a more proficient runner or cyclist?

The off-season offers an opportunity that comes but once-a-year to hone skills, increase strength and stamina, and set a strong foundation for the spring and summer. 

Would you like a structured plan on how to move forward? Need some support from other athletes and a coach during the shortening days and dropping temperatures of fall and winter? (did we mention rain and snow?).

Startline Coaching is once again offering its popular off-season run and bike programs.

  • 10-Wk 10mi/10K PR – Focus on your run this off season!
  • 24-Wk Spring Marathon – Peak for a Spring Marathon.
  • 11-Wk FTP Builder – Focus on building up your bike before multisport training begins in the new year.
  • 22-Wk Distance – Planning to go long next year. Got a big race on your calendar. Get strong this winter.

All programs offer structured workouts via Training Peaks, along with regular testing to set benchmarks for each athlete’s zones and efforts. Coached, weekly group training sessions (in Prospect Park for runners and on Zwift for cyclists) build camaraderie, accountability, and learning. Winter and/or spring races are included for goal-setting and testing our mettle. 

All levels are welcome: the beginner who’s gotten a taste of racing and wants to improve, the experienced athlete who wants to get back in shape after time away, the competitive age-grouper who wants to set their sights on new goals and challenges – and everyone in between. Each athlete is equally valued by the group. We cheer one another on, offer support when the going gets tough and the spirit lags, and celebrate successes and breakthroughs. 

Join us!