Power up your fall and winter cycling with Zwift

In the Northeast, bringing athletes inside to work together as a group in Zwift and simultaneously on Zoom has been a game changer.

Athletes get so much more out of every workout because they can interact, ride as a group, and execute a workout that is specific to them – all while being coached and able to raise questions as they occur.

Unlike group rides where strong riders tend to pull away from weaker riders, Zwift meetups with group together mode hold the entire group together even if the group possesses vastly different abilities. Each person works at their level of capability without fear of being dropped. Athletes in a virtual group can even be executing different workouts. All impossible in the outdoors!

Startline Coaching offers fall & winter cycling programs over Zwift. Be professionally coached this winter and come out next year ready to ride.

  • 10 Week program – $345
  • 20 Week program – $640

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