From fundamentals to confident open water swimming

I love swim camp. Every year, 20 swimmers and triathletes join Startline Coaching for a 3-day swim camp in beautiful St. Petersburg. Year over year, this “all levels” program improves performance across a broad spectrum of athletes, ages, and skill levels. It’s exciting to have athletes return each year and welcome newcomers.

An immersive experience like swim camp has benefits that cannot be gained in solo, weekly training. It’s a rare opportunity to disconnect and focus on one thing – swimming! Athletes learn about, practice, review video, and incorporate fundamental principles into their open water swim stroke and learn a few Jedi master tricks along the way. Athletes are guided by professional coaches who offer targeted feedback and direction, and are inspired by the energy of the group. For many triathletes, this kind of swim experience simply is not available in their hometowns.

The March 2022 camp was no exception – fins, snorkels, drills, swim sets, a great outdoor pool, and great company. Many thanks to the great crew of triathletes and swimmers who made it such a blast. Coach Earl Walton and I watched with big grins as each swimmer developed a better swim stroke, moved more fluidly in the water, and gained open water confidence. As always it was huge fun and hugely rewarding.

Intrigued? Got a little FOMO? Join us for the upcoming camp from May 13-15, 2022!

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