Triathlon races are coming! Time to get ready to race

We can all see the light at the end of the tunnel. Triathlon races are being scheduled with much more confidence. The cloud of uncertainty is lifting. Races in July look to be some of the first races offered in the North East. With this in mind, Startline Coaching is offering a number of triathlon training programs to help you prepare.

  1. Couch to Sprint Triathlon program. A 12-week group training program designed for athletes who have not been training consistently over the past 12 months. This program will get you back on your feet, and back to racing once again with a solid base of fitness. The program is also suitable for first timers. The goal is fun, fitness, and getting back to what you love!
  1. Olympic Distance race preparation program. A 15-week group training program for athletes who have an established base in all 3 sports or have been using the off season & winter to develop a single sport. This program will transition you from base training to race intensity/preparation training so that you can peak for a July or August “A” race.
  1. Open Water Swim preparation program. A 6-week group training program with 4 open water sessions at Brighton Beach to develop your readiness for racing in open water. This program also includes solo pool workouts for practicing skills learned in the open water, and for developing race fitness. The program will develop you into a fitter, more efficient, and confident open water swimmer.

The programs are specifically designed to help athletes prepare for the following events:

  • NYC Triathlon – July 11
  • New Jersey State Sprint & Olympic Triathlons – July 17 & July 18
  • USAT Nationals – August 7

Note: There are many events around the country that fall close to these target dates. Startline Coaching will work with you to help to prepare for any event. Contact Startline Coaching to see if these programs are a good fit for you or see if there are other programs and services that are a better fit for your needs.

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