Become Strong like Bull

Strong Like Bull

Strong Like Bull is a 9 day long bicycle/triathlon training camp in the mountains of Spain modeled in the style of professional European pro team spring training camps.

The trip brings together athletes to explore the quiet and mountainous regions of south central Spain. The Spanish sun and challenging mountainous terrain will reawaken, strengthen and warm you. The unbelievable riding, amazing scenery, great food, and great people will be an experience you won’t easily forget. With much better weather than February and March in the states, and a dedicated 7 days to training, you’re sure to get stronger and faster and have fun in the process.

There are 2 camps of 9 days each:

  • Camp 1: Friday 2/22/2019 – Saturday 3/2/2019 (**Plan to fly from USA 2/21/19**)
  • Camp 2: Saturday 3/2/2019 – Sunday 3/10/2019 (**Plan to fly from USA 3/1/19**)

On staff are a masseuse, nutritionist, 2 coaches, driver and bike mechanic. The camp features daily yoga, 3-6 hour training rides in the mountains with follow car, athlete friendly nutritionist designed meals, all conducted within the context of a stunningly beautiful and culturally unique setting.

New this year! Head Coach Peter Helling from Startline coaching will be joining the Strong like Bull team from 3/2/2019 to 3/10/2019 for Camp #2.

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Excellent preparation for the Ironman.

Get your bike on!

Coach Peter.