It’s not about the workout

This week I have been reflecting on what it is about endurance sports that is truly compelling. It is true that pushing the boundaries, increasing speed, and competing are all exciting. We all strive to meet athletic goals each year both large and small.

All well and good. But as I reflect on the year, what really resonates with me are the simple moments of being outside. Small quotes from athletes like “God I love riding bikes.” It’s the simple act of being transported back in time to childhood. Running in the snow, swimming in lakes and rivers, and feeling the cool breeze on your face in the fall. The many moments we experience in the outside world, unplugged and in touch with our senses.

Perhaps it is the melancholy that comes with aging, but I feel blessed to be surrounded by friends, athletes, and fellow children that just love simply being outside together.

It is not always about the workout! Take a moment to look up and see the world around you. Feel the breeze, watch the trees change, and feel the seasons pass – each with their own joy.

I just love riding my bike, too.

Coach Peter