USA Cycling Certified Skills Instructor certification

SLC_logo+name_webSept 10 2018 – Startline coaching is pleased to announce that Head Coach Peter Helling is now accredited as a USAC certified skills instructor, joining approximately 50 other coaches nationally who hold this certification.

Bicycle handling skills are an essential foundation for all recreational and competitive cyclists & triathletes. Often neglected in preference for physiological development, handling skills provide tools to allows riders to ride safely, enjoy the thrill and camaraderie of riding in groups, progress rapidly as racers, and improve overall race performance.

USAC certified skills instructor certification is targeted specifically toward preparing cyclists to group ride and race: focusing on contact, position, communication, collaboration, predictability, and riding assertively to protect the riders front wheel in increasing complex and crowded riding situations.

The certification is based upon the USAC Beginning Racer Program aimed at preparing first time racers. This program enables racers to move quickly from entry level categories to higher level categories.

PrintThis new certification adds to Coach Peter’s existing accreditation as a USAC Level 2 cycling coach w/ distinction and USAT Level 2 triathlon endurance coach. USCycling_Coach

Located in Brooklyn NY, Startline coaching offers group & individual training programs for triathletes, runners, and cyclists.

Please contact Coach Peter if you are interested in a coaching program or club cycling clinics to develop solo and group bike handling skills. Boost your performance as a cyclist or multi-sport athlete.