A lighthouse in the storm

Life has changed for everyone these past few weeks and is likely to remain changed for some time to come. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us all to develop new ways to interact, find new ways to stay connected, manage our own fears and anxieties and those of others, and adapt to restricted movement. To those of you who have struggled with the disease or have loved ones who are ill, know the thoughts of everyone you know are with you and we all wish we could be at your side at this time.

In a prior post, I focused on the need for self care:

  • More sleep
  • Consciously showing more love for ourselves and others
  • Moving a little

The focus was about a priority response to manage the shock of the change and disruption that we have all felt in our lives. Now to look forward.

As athletes, we are all attuned to the idea of goal races. Races are being cancelled, parks are closed, group training sessions are no longer an option. As athletes, we have lost our tether and it is so easy to fall into a deep funk. Why bother? Right?

It is a truth that we will all be here for a while, and I would challenge us all now to find new structures and ways of being to reestablish normalcy in our lives, rather than sit and wait for the old to return. In some ways, this experience is analogous to an injury that puts us on the sidelines. We now need to look at recovering from the injury as our training. It is a change in perspective, and serves as a lighthouse guiding us to safe harbor in the storm.

So what does this mean:

Set training goals (visualize & write down what that would look like)

  • Address that niggling injury or flexibility issue
  • Build that core strength you always wished you had
  • Hit a power development target for the bike

Think through what tools you need to hit that goal and the target timeline to do so.

  • Stretch cords
  • Set up a strength training space
  • Buy a smart trainer

Establish a weekly training pattern

  • Commit to certain days/time of the week for specific activities
  • Schedule these times into your calendar
  • Pay yourself first by doing the workout you set out to do & don’t let other priorities invade

Engage others in your plan

  • You are not the only one out there. Engage your friends & family in a your plan. Inspire them as well.
  • Use tools like Facetime, Zoom etc. to connect with others and hold each accountable

Seek advice

  • Look to others with more experience such as personal trainers, coaches, & other experienced athletes to help you build a plan if this seems overwhelming

It starts with that mental shift of acceptance, and then action. Commit yourself to movement, it keeps you healthy, and in a much better mental space where you can be more generous to others. Your actions to commit to movement & engage others in the process will spread like ripples in a pond inspiring others to do the same.

Let’s move forward together and be guided by millions of lighthouses and that will guide us all home to safe harbor.

Coach Peter.

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