Nutrition, hydration & race fueling – obtaining performance guidance

All athletes, at some point during their career, come to grapple with optimizing nutrition to boost recovery, and athletic performance. Whether your concern is body composition, recovery, power production, or workout/race fueling, it is always best to work with a specialist in the field.

A good time to start is at the beginning of your training cycle. Obtain a benchmark on your metabolic efficiency, discuss current nutrition practices and receive a program that is forward looking and can impact your race result.

Three years ago, I consulted with Nicci Schock of Elevate Performance Services to understand CHO/hour fueling requirements at various paces & power levels. The aim was to fine tune my fueling plan for Ironman Lake Placid with a clear understanding of what is required to meet racing requirements relative to what I might consider/have tested as a tolerable race fueling plan.

The results were that I could pull back to a more tolerable 200 calories per hour for the Ironman and know I was meeting my CHO needs. This fueling plan was the cornerstone of race preparation workouts, and 40 minute Ironman PR. Information is power.

Nicci offers a broad range of services to athletes:

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  1. Blood Monitoring for Performance
  2. Sports Nutrition
  3. Sweat Sodium Testing
  4. Metabolic Efficiency Testing
  5. Genomic Testing
  6. Mindset Training

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