Build your 2021 racing foundation!

Put in the work now and set the foundation for 2021. Looking for structure so you can optimize your training hours and develop a robust base during the winter months? Seeking guidance from a coach on how to excel in a specific sport and develop new strengths? Interested in a video analysis of your run form along with professional guidance on drills & technique? Looking for the camaraderie of some fellow athletes to train with? We all need suffer partners.

The winter is where it is at for developing a robust training base for next years racing. For triathletes, it is also the last opportunity to take a more singular focus on developing your run or bike before race preparation training begins in the Spring. This winter, Startline Coaching is offering two group programs to bring you to new level of performance.

Each program is a comprehensive progression of in-person group, solo, and virtual group workouts that are designed to improve technique, build fitness, power, and pace, and prepare you to begin race preparation training in the spring. Each progression culminates in a final virtual or in person event to test your fitness and establish a baseline for your training in 2021.

Beginning the week of Jan 18, Startline Coaching will kick-off two different 12 week group training programs for cycling and/or running. Registration is open now!

Winter Run Focus incl. Video run analysis!


  • Group program
  • 12 Weeks
  • 1 group training session/week + solo workouts
  • Starts: 1/23/21
  • Ends: 4/10/21


  • Detailed feedback & form correction for each athlete.
  • Base fitness development & race preparation for a strong half marathon performance

Run Video Analysis:

  • Run video recording session
  • One on one video review with each athlete
  • Written summary with video footage & recommendations

Group Training Sessions:

  • 1 in person or online group training session/week
  • Saturday @8:00am Week 1-2 (in person video & drill sessions)
  • Wednesday @7:00 pm Week 3-12 (online)
  • No bag watch will be provided

Winter Cycling Focus
Build your power!


  • Group program
  • 12 Weeks
  • 3 group training sessions/week + solo workouts
  • Starts: 1/19/21
  • Ends: 4/11/21


  • Coached indoor (Zwift) group training program targeted to cyclists & triathletes to develop power, and endurance
  • Development of V02Max, FTP, & stamina in preparation for subsequent race preparation training

Group Training Sessions:

  • 3 online group training sessions/week
  • Tuesday @ 6:30 am (Online)
  • Thursday @ 7:00 pm (Online)
  • Sunday @ 3:00 pm (Online)

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