What no beer? Surely not!

Next week brings the off season run program to a close and, sadly, the 10 mile “run to the Blue Point brewery” has been cancelled.  So for your final workout next Saturday 1/16/2020, you will execute a race workout instead. 

Races are an opportunity to integrate everything you have learned in training and benchmark your running fitness. The race workout will be geared to test your pacing as well as your fitness. Your goal is to test your capacity to pace based upon perceived exertion and being dialed into your internals.

It should be good fun. A very solid suggestion was to enjoy a celebratory beer after the race. I believe we can do that! In addition, I’d like to invite the cycling crew to come along and cheer the runners on! I am also looking for a volunteer time keeping official to help.

The race format will be as follows:

  1. The total race time is 60 minutes exactly
  2. At race start each athlete will tell me how far they will run in the time allowed
  3. At race start each athlete will tell me their estimated average heart rate for the event
  4. Your goal is to nail the distance & average heart rate
  5. Start time is 10:00 am, which is the traditional start time for the brewery run

Come early to complete a proper warm up 20 min warm up.

Race rules:

  1. The start location will be the water fountain at the bottom of the south hill of Prospect Park.
  2. The course will be announced on event morning! 
  3. You must record your event on your watch but you can only display the duration of the event
  4. No peeking at pace or heart rate during the event!
  5. The course will be an OAB
  6. You can choose any level of intensity that you wish
  7. Runners are required to achieve an even or negative split to qualify for awards


  1. The winner of the “Distance category” is the one who is closest to their goal distance
  2. The winner of the “Heart Rate” category is the one who closest to their goal average heart rate

You may choose to run at race effort for 60 minutes, or take a more moderate pace based upon where your speed/fitness/durability are on race day.

Covid-19 requirements:

  • The event is self supported. You must provide your own hydration. Make plans to carry your hydration with you like you would on a long run. 
  • A bag watch point will be established, where you can leave your after clothes etc. A single bag for each athlete is required. No equipment can be shared.
  • Masks are required at all times
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the start/finish line 
  • Runners will start one athlete at a time

Please ensure we limit the risk of incidental transmission of Covid-19 by sanitizing your hands, keeping your equipment separate, and wearing a mask at all times.

Let’s have fun with this!