Group Training

Each year, Startline Coaching offers triathlon group training programs in beautiful Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY.

All Startline Coaching programs are USAT Sanctioned and oriented to experienced USAT10SanctionedEventsendurance athletes seeking to prepare for Olympic or Half-Iron distance triathlons. Whether you are looking to qualify for Nationals,  race further or faster, or simply get back in the game, Start Line Coaching programs offer something for you.

The group dynamic maintains motivation and builds camaraderie as all athletes support each other. Startline Coaching programs support a wide range of ages, and levels of athleticism. Both men & women are equally supported in their development. Success is all about consistency and sport specific knowledge. Expect to be challenged and to come out of the program a more knowledgeable athlete.

The culture of Startline Coaching programs is one of mutual support and recognition of each individuals specific gifts, talents, and path of development.  Being out there is valued and having fun is the key. There is a reason why there is so much grinning in the pictures on this web site!

Current program offerings:

  1. 2018 Off season training program – Program complete
    • This program will focus on maintaining endurance base, cross training, best practice nutrition habits, and developing core strength in preparation for the 2019 training season. This training program culminates with a target running event in early January 2019 to set your baseline for 2019 training.
    • Start date: Saturday, November 3, 2018
    • End Date: January 20, 2019
  2. 2019 Spring triathlon training program – Registration open
    • This program will focus on executing a specific training progression aimed at peaking for an early 2019 season Olympic or Half Ironman triathlon event. The program is specifically focused on completion of the Quassy Olympic or Half Ironman events on June 2, 2018. The program will be tailored for completion of triathlon events between May 15, 2018 and June 16, 2018
    • Start date: January 5, 2019
    • End Date: June 16, 2019