Training Camps

Startline Coaching offers multi-sport, cycling, and swim camps in a variety of beautiful locations, durations and price points. Camps offer athletes the opportunity to focus on their sport, receive extensive coach guidance, increase fitness, and acquire new skills and knowledge.

Swim camps:

Startline Coaching in partnership with Tailwind Endurance has tentatively scheduled a 3 day immersive swim camp in St. Petersburg, Florida. Get out of the winter weather! Bring your swim to a new level!

Given the scheduling uncertainty related to Covid-19, athletes have the opportunity to preregister for this swim camp.

Preregistration allows you to save your space at no cost, pending final confirmation that the swim camp will proceed. 

2021 camp dates:

  • 3/19/2021 – 3/21/2021 – Pool focused & open water focused. This camp features morning & afternoon swim sessions, dry land, and classroom video review sessions. Open water swimming will also be scheduled based favorable weather conditions. Multiple coaches are on deck to provide athlete specific feedback to improve form, efficiency & speed. Each athlete will take away video of their swim, and specific feedback on key form improvement areas so you can be faster and more relaxed.

Cycling camps:

Strong Like Bull is an annual 1-2 week long bicycle / triathlon training camp in the mountains of Spain modeled in the style of professional European pro team Spring training camps. 

The camp features 3-6 hour training rides in the mountains with follow car, athlete friendly nutritionist designed meals, all conducted within the context of a stunningly beautiful and culturally unique setting.

2021 camp dates:

  • Camp #1 – 2/19/2021 – 2/27/2021 – Postponed
  • Camp #2 – 2/27/2021 – 3/7/2021 – Postponed

Covid-19 Update: Given current spread and state of the COVID-19 Virus outbreak, the 2021 camps have been postponed and will be rescheduled to 2022. We are personally optimistic about the future and think news of vaccines and other changes mean that this pandemic will end sooner than once expected but sadly not in time for our current trip. We FULLY PLAN TO GO IN 2022 for what we expect will be our best year ever. But knowing you have to plan for the current dates we are officially postponing SLB 2022.

2022 camp dates:

  • Camp #1 – 2/18/2022 – 2/26/2022
  • Camp #2 – 2/26/2022 – 3/6/2022

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