The Run to the Brewery is on!

This weekend brings the off season run program to a close with the 10 mile “Run to the Blue Point brewery” race.  You have all trained and now is the time to put yourself to the test. For those you on your way to the marathon, this is a test workout on a longer journey.

Our goal is to go into this race rested for a good performance & with much of the residual fatigue you have been feeling washed out of the sysrtem.

Races are an opportunity to integrate everything you have learned in training and benchmark your running fitness. It is an opportunity to execute all the things that make a race work:

  • Organize your travel plan & arrival time.
  • Get sufficient rest
  • Plan what to wear during the race & what to wear to keep warm & dry after you finish
  • Eat & hydrate properly in the days before your race
  • Plan your pre-race fueling (aka race breakfast & travel snacks)
  • Plan your pre-race warmup (including drills) – assume I am not there!
  • Determine pacing strategy
    • How fast will you run & why?
    • When will you start your finishing close?
    • What heart rate will you hold when you run & why?
  • Plan your hydration & fueling based upon the course
  • Any other race tactics?

The weather condidtions are likely to be quite cold & similar to last week’s Joe Kleinerman. Prepare, prepare, prepare. We should expect to race with the temperatures in the teens & twenties along with a wind. The race starts @ 8:15am. At this time, there are no modifications to the race for COVID-19.

To prepare: Submit your race plan to me here & I will provide feedback before we race.

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