Summer “strengthen my base” program

Racing season has been a bit of a bust and so training has been a challenge. Athletes find themselves in one of two places: either very fit & ready to race but facing the question of “now what?” or finding themselves less conditioned because consistent training during COVID was just too difficult.

The key question is – what to do now? Athletes should not train endlessly at a high level unless they are seeking to achieve a specific goal. Neither should you shut down, wait for next year, and start from the bottom again in terms of fitness. Like all things in life, you need balance.

In response to these new realities, Startline Coaching is introducing a 12 week base strengthening program. With a training load of 6-7 hours per week, the program will offer a greater focus on stability, agility, and range-of-motion exercises needed to support overall athletic performance, with less specific focus on swimming, biking, & running.

The program is designed to gracefully reduce the workload of athletes who are highly trained but in danger of burnout, while providing some challenge to those who have struggled to maintain consistency over the past few months. The goal is to set all athletes up for a productive off season training program in the fall as well as prevent erosion of their fitness and major set backs in their development as athletes in the new year.

Athletes will receive a regimen of workouts through the week that are short in duration and keep you moving, with one single, longer workout on the weekend. Focus will be on skills mastery, functional strength, and aerobic maintenance. Athletes should expect 2-3 days off per week, including on the weekend.

Note: This program is not designed for race preparation, but to maintain base fitness and vary your forms of exercise. Athletes will be able to work with the coach on workout substitutions to enable flexibility and ensure their training is overseen in a professional manner.

In order to comply with COVID-19 guidance from New York State, no in-person group workouts will be scheduled as part of this program. All Group training session will be remote sessions over Zoom.

Summer “strengthen my base” program details



  • Start: July 6, 2020
  • End: Oct 4, 2020

Group training sessions:

  • Wednesday evening group training session over ZOOM @ 7 pm

Unlimited coach contact:

  • Unlimited contact with your coach via email and text
  • One on One coach contact @ scheduled group training sessions

Program plan:

  • 3 month program plan:
    • Mobility & strength maintenance
    • Aerobic capacity maintenance
    • Focus on variety & time flexibility for the athlete
  • Weekly detailed training plan
    • Daily workout emails
    • Mobile App access via Training Peaks
    • 1 group training session/week over ZOOM (except during August)
    • Daily solo workouts

Team Facebook Group:

  • Closed group for team announcements
  • Access to all Startline Coaching presentations & resources
  • Group chat
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