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Welcome! I am really looking forward to working with you on your training journey this year.

Kickoff & Check-in

Kickoff & check-in is on Jan 22, 2021 @ 8:00 am. We will meet at the little grass triangle at the 15 St. entrance of Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

At check-in, please attend with proof of USAT membership. This program is a USAT Sanctioned event and covered by USAT insurance. If you do not present proof of active membership at the first group workout you attend, you will be assessed a $15 USAT one day event waiver fee and will be asked to sign a USAT waiver.

Group Workouts – Times & locations

We typically meet as a group twice each week:

  • Saturdays: 8:00am
  • Wednesdays: 7:00pm

Unless otherwise posted in the Facebook group (see below), the meeting location is the little grass triangle at the 15 St. entrance of Prospect Park.

Note: The safety of all athletes, coaches, and staff is of paramount concern as we collectively face the health and safety risks of the COVID-19 pandemic. All Startline Coaching programs follow USA Swimming best practices, USA Triathlon Safe Return to Multisport Guidelines and Return to Racing Recommendations for Race Directors and the directives issued by federal, state and local authorities. All athletes, coaches, & staff engaged in Startline Coaching programs are expected to follow the USA Triathlon Return to Racing recommendations for Athletes as well as Startline Coaching Return to Training Safety Code of Conduct.

Note: As of Oct 1, 2021, and without exception, all participants in Startline Coaching programs must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to attendance at any and all in-person Startline Coaching training or clinic sessions.

Complete these steps before Kickoff

The following onboarding guide will get you connected with the rest of the Startline Coaching athletes and help you through all the onboarding steps.

Get your Training Accounts Connected/Synced

  1. Establish a TrainingPeaks account and connect it to my coaching account.

I will be posting all workouts and be reviewing your workouts through TrainingPeaks. You do not need a premium subscription to participate in the program. A free subscription is perfectly functional for receiving & uploading workouts

Once our accounts are connected, you should expect your TrainingPeaks calendar to begin to populate. I typically load workouts in blocks 3-4 weeks so you can look ahead. You will receive a daily email with your assigned workouts.

  1. Establish a sync between TrainingPeaks & your Garmin/Polar/Other device.

This will automate the upload & down of workouts to your head unit/watch etc. 

Connect to the Startline Coaching Programs Facebook group

To connect to the group, please Like Startline Coaching on Facebook and I will invite you to the Group. You can like Startline Coaching on this page.

I use the group for rapid communications to athletes, training session cancellations, and many other notifications. The group is private community and a resource for all athletes with presentations and other helpful resources. Athletes use the group to coordinate with each other as well. Running late to a Group Training Session? Tell the group on Facebook!

Note: At this stage, I am still using Facebook for group communication. An evaluation of other options is under way because it is time to move away from Facebook. But for this season, I am going to stick with it. This will take a bit of time but viable options are starting to appear, My goal is to integrate the solution with outside of a social media platform.

Let’s do this!

  • The best part of a group program is direct instruction at group workouts. Do everything you can to attend, and be sure to ask questions.
  • Make notes in your TrainingPeaks calendar. I do review these points. I will not always respond. Should I see anything of concern, I will be sure to respond. Making notes is very important because it allows us both to review your comments historically to pick up on trends, fatigue, injuries, etc.
  • Do text me on my cell for quick questions that require rapid response.
  • Email me for questions that need a more comprehensive response and can afford a little time for a response. I typically respond by the next business day.

Let the journey begin.

Coach Peter.

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