Off season triathlete swim program

Are you a middle or back of the pack swimmer that can’t figure out how to improve? Have you been swimming consistently but are not seeing speed gains? Are you frustrated when others seem to swim faster so effortlessly? Do you finish the swim leg of a triathlon feeling drained?

It can be extremely frustrating to feel like you’re putting in the time, but not seeing improvements in your swim. Swimming is the most technique-driven of the three triathlon disciplines, and if any of the above scenarios feel familiar, your issue is most likely not just endurance — it’s form and technique. 

This 9-session course is designed to pinpoint your areas of improvement, introduce skills and drills to “fix” your stroke, and then put those skills to practice. The class is limited to 12 participants so there is lots of individual attention. We will have 3 lanes of a 25 yard pool dedicated to the class, so that there is adequate space for swimmers of all abilities.

The program provides a coached progression of technique refinement, working extensively on reducing resistance through efficient body position & alignment, and developing & maintaining momentum through efficient stroke timing and catch technique. Strong technique enables even pacing, a straight swim, and the most efficient Triathlon swim leg that gets you out of the water sooner and with less energy deficit.

ALL PACES and experience levels are welcome! Participants will receive one-on-one coaching, and in addition to weekly group sessions, will be provided with two additional swim workouts to do on your own to reinforce skills learned in class. 

Note: All participants must be able to swim 200 yards continuously.

Off Season triathlete swim
program details



  • Start: Nov 7, 2019
  • End: Jan 16, 2020
  • 11 weeks
  • 9 coached training sessions

Group training sessions:

  • Thursdays @6:30 am – 7:30 am
  • Medgar Evers College Pool – 1150 Carroll St
  • 3 dedicated lanes
  • Maximum of 12 athletes
  • No towel service
  • Athletes must bring their own swim equipment

Unlimited coach contact:

  • Unlimited contact with your coach via email and text
  • One on One coach feedback @ scheduled group training sessions

Program plan:

  • Weekly detailed training plan
    • 1 group training session/week
    • 2 prescribed solo workouts
  • Sport specific field testing to monitor progress and setting of training zones
    • Pace
  • Strength workouts may also be prescribed as solo workouts for cross training purposes

Team Facebook group:

  • Closed group for team announcements
  • Access to all Startline Coaching presentations & resources
  • Group chat

Required athlete equipment:

  • Pull buoy
  • Fins – (Finis Floating fins)
  • Hand paddles (TYR Catalyst 2 – max size medium)
  • Tempo Trainer (Finis Tempo trainer)
  • Athletes should attend practice with all equipment

Note: *An additional $15 USAT waiver fee will be assessed for NON USAT members. Target race registration fees, accommodation, and other associated racing costs are not included in the fee for this training program. No refunds are available for this program.

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