Off season race results are in!

This week wraps up a great week of racing for the 2020 Off season Bike & Run programs.

Runners completed a 1 hour estimation run, where they had to estimate the distance travelled & average heart rate over a 1 hour duration running event. Rules were strictly enforced by our best ever volunteer event marshal. Excellent hand writing & accuracy. Thank You Lina! I mostly goofed off, which is my way.

Awards were given for the best distance estimate and the best heart rate estimate. We had to tie break the best distance estimate because we had draw. Best Heart Rate estimate became the tie breaker. Congratulations Guillaume.

Best Heart rate estimate with to Aimee, who not only had a very solid estimated heart rate but very nearly clinched the title for the overall most awesome run with a a near miss best distance estimate as well.

John O’Keefe has an honorable mention for hitting his distance dead on but unfortunately awards were given on the day vs, Sunday.

Race run results follow:

AthletePredicted Dist.
/Actual Dist.
Predicted Avg. H/Rate
/Actual Avg. H/Rate
Aimee G. (Winner HR)7.0/7.2 (+0.2) miles154/149 (-5) bpm
Guillaume R. (Winner Distance)8.8/8.7 (-0.1) miles179/186 (+7) bpm
Colette L. (Distance runner up)5.2/5.3 (+0.1) miles148/138 (-10) bpm
Adam H.6.9/7/4 (+0.5) miles176/188 (+10) bpm
Caitlin O.5.3/6.3 (+1.0) miles155/177 (+22) bpm
John O. (honorable mention)7.7/7.7 (0.0) miles173/(no data) bpm
Libby D. 5.8/5.6 (-0.2) miles138/146 (+8) bpm
2021 Bluepoint brewery estimation run results

Last weekend our cycling crew completed a number of Zwift event.! Cyclists chose from a variety of courses to complete a race effort. Excellent pacing by everybody with strong FTP effort closes on all of your races. Race plans were executed to a tee. It is nice to see everyone connecting their training experiences to their race approach.

All results posted are official Zwift power results, unless otherwise designed, that will contribute to rider rankings. Athletes with an unofficial results have no official Zwift Power result and the duration has been estimated from your training data. Note: Field sizes are significantly larger but only official Zwift power results are recorded.

Athlete results follow:

Liz K.3R Flat Route Race – (40.5km 216M)(Cat D)
Tania G.3R Alpe Du Zwift KOM Race (20km 1444m) (Cat C)
Vicky W.3R Alpe Du Zwift KOM Race (20km 1444m) (Cat B)
Michael A.Tour De Zwift Stage 1: UnofficialResult1:10:19
Glory P.Fearless Women’s beginner raceCat D
Ann M.Tour De Zwift Stage 2: Richmond(All Cats)
Marie SP.Tour De Zwift Stage 2: Richmond(All Cats)
Deborah L.Tour De Zwift Stage 2: HarrogateUnofficialResult57:24
Jennifer C.Tour De Zwift Stage 2: Harrogate(All Cats)
Hope T.Fearless Women’s Watopia Flat (30.4 km 126M)UnofficialResult56:58
Zwift event results

Looking forward to the next 12 weeks working with you all.