It’s race day – Let’s do this

This week brings the off season cycling program to a close. For your Sunday workout,  you will execute a race event on Zwift – a great way to test your pacing and current performance abilities. 

Your assignment this week is to:

  1. Choose one of the events listed below.
  2. Send me a race plan that includes: target duration, anticipated pacing strategy, and hydration/fueling

I will look over all plans and provide feedback before event day.

Choose an Event:

Choose one of the following Zwift events. Register using the links below.

  1. Each event has categories for different levels of riders (A, B, C, D, etc) – these are typically based on Power/Weight (eg. watts/kg) at Functional Threshold Power. When you register, be sure to seed yourself correctly. Register using the links for the events
  2. ZwiftPower allows your results to be automatically posted; if you have a power meter or smart trainer, be sure to register with ZwiftPower. Note: ZwiftPower is required for all events.  Connecting to ZwiftPower
  3. The event times are staggered so I (we) can log in & watch. Yes, you can do that! See how to watch a rider/race here: race-spectating

Let’s have fun with this!

Expect RACES to be competitive across all CATs. Racers riding on zPower (dumb trainers), lacking heart rate monitors, riding an an inappropriate category, or riding very unrealistically may be disqualified. This does not impact your ability to race just your zwift ranking & whether your results are formally recorded. Final results will be available on

Morning Events:

KISS 100 Sunday Classic – Richmond UCI Reverse – 6 laps @9:15 AM ET

Feeling strong? Consider this challenging little jaunt. Hang onto the pack. It will be a competition between those that can surge on the hills & those that are workhorses on the flatter parts of the course who will chase them down.

We have never done this course as it is only availabe for events. You will descend the cobbles on this ride.

3R Watopia Flat Route – 6 laps @ 11:25 AM ET

A flat 60K race with P/W categories. Seed yourself according to your P/W at FTP – this course is great for those with lower P/W ratios at FTP (approx 2.5 and below).

  • Cat A: 4-5 W/KG 4 laps · 62.1 km  366 m// Flat Route
  • Cat B: 3.2-3.9 W/KG 4 laps · 62.1 km  366 m// Flat Route
  • Cat C: 2.5-3.1 W/KG 4 laps · 62.1 km  366 m// Flat Route
  • Cat D: 1-2.4 W/KG 4 laps · 62.1 km  366 m// Flat Route

Afternoon Events:

3R Watopia Hilly Reverse – 4 laps @ 2:15 PM ET

Shorter – but hillier. A great way to practice race strategy and pacing.

  • Cat A 4-5 W/KG 4 laps · 37.2 km  432 m// Hilly Route
  • Cat B 3.2-4 W/KG 4 laps · 37.2 km  432 m// Hilly Route
  • Cat C 2.5-3.2 W/KG 4 laps · 37.2 km  432 m// Hilly Route
  • Cat D 1-2.4 W/KG 4 laps · 37.2 km  432 m// Hilly Route

Race Plan:

After you have chosen one of the Zwift events listed, prepare an event plan. Remember, keep it simple:  

  1. Think about how you will ride the event you have chosen. Estimate your completion time & the average power you will use for the race. Estimate your power for Sunday’s event based on what you have learned about yourself throughout our training progression. The shorter the duration of the event, the more intensely you can/should race. Think: Tempo, Sweet Spot, Threshold, V02, vs. Sprint effort. What would you do when? What will you sustain for most of the event?
  2. Most events are all relatively short and intense with a fast start. Be prepared to be at power before the race starts & hang on until the event settles to pace. Include a warm up & cool down in your event plan. I highly recommend a 20 minute warm up & a 30-40 EZ effort cool down ride after your event and spin out.  You have a portfolio of warmups from prior workouts. 
  3. Your fueling needs will be minimal unless doing a long event but hydration will be key.
  4. Do me a favor and get a good night’s sleep!
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