Individual Athlete: Athlete onboarding guide

Welcome! I am really looking forward to working with you on your training journey this year.

Get your Training Accounts Connected/Synced

  1. Establish a TrainingPeaks account and connect it to my coaching account.

I will be posting all workouts and be reviewing your workouts through TrainingPeaks. You do not need a premium subscription to participate in the program. A free subscription is perfectly functional for receiving & uploading workouts

Once our accounts are connected, you should expect your TrainingPeaks calendar to begin to populate. I typically load workouts in blocks 3-4 weeks so you can look ahead. You will receive a daily email with your assigned workouts.

  1. Establish a sync between TrainingPeaks & your Garmin/Polar/Other device.

This will automate the upload & down of workouts to your head unit/watch etc. 

Sign your coaching contact

You will receive a contract via HelloSign. If you do not receive it, please check your SPAM folder. Simply electronically sign and I will receive it automatically.

All individual training program athletes should expect to follow this process on an annual basis.

Register an an Individual Athlete

As an individual athlete you may attend group training sessions with fellow athletes and your coach at different times.

All Startline Coaching Group Training Sessions (GTS) are insured as USAT sanctioned clinics. This process will register you as attendee in up to 4 different USAT Adult Clinic Events, and ensure each possible group training day is covered by USAT event insurance. The period covered is October 19, 2020 – October 13, 2021.

Each clinic requires you be an annual member of USAT or purchase $15/clinic one day membership. An annual USAT membership is $50. If you are not already an annual USAT member, Startline Coaching recommends that you become one today.

This registration process does not bind you to an annual training contract with Startline Coaching.

All individual training program athletes should expect to follow this process on an annual basis.

Next Steps

Once everything is on order you should expect you TrainingPeaks calendar to begin to populate very shortly and our journey will begin.

As discussed, I look forward to an interactive coaching relationship.

  • Make notes in your TrainingPeaks calendar. I review these points. I will not always respond but should I see anything of concern or that requires a response, I will be sure to respond.
  • Do Text me on my cell for quick questions that require rapid response.
  • Email me for questions that need a more comprehensive response and can afford a little time for a response. I typically respond by the next business day.
  • Schedule office hours for an in-depth review of your progress, review your upcoming calendar, share key insights from training, and joint planning, etc…

You can schedule office hours with here:

Let the journey begin.

Coach Peter.

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