Fall Half Marathon run program

Are you a a self directed athlete who is looking for an inexpensive, and professionally coached training plan to take them to the next level of preparation.

Designed for athletes who require time flexibility, seek the structure of a professional training plan, and also want the ability to access a coach for counsel & feedback as they progress.

Athletes will be streamed based upon their existing running foundation and injury risk profile. Program culminates with the following marquis event:

  • Hampton Half Marathon – Sept 17

Train with your friends on your own schedule and do so with the support of a professional coach.

Note: The safety of all athletes, coaches, and staff is of paramount concern as we collectively face the health and safety risks of COVID-19. All Startline Coaching programs follow USA Triathlon Safe Return to Multisport Guidelines and Return to Racing Recommendations for Race Directors and the directives issued by federal, state and local authorities. All athletes, coaches, & staff engaged in Startline Coaching programs are expected to follow the USA Triathlon Return to Racing recommendations for Athletes as well as Startline Coaching Return to Training Safety Code of Conduct.

Note: As of Oct 1, 2021, and without exception, all participants in Startline Coaching programs must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to attendance at any and all in-person Startline Coaching training or clinic sessions.

Fall Half Marathon program details



  • 16 Weeks
  • Start: May 23, 2022
  • End: Sept 17, 2022

Program plan:

  • Streaming of athletes into different training progressions based upon:
    • Current fitness
    • Progress through the program
  • Weekly detailed training plan
    • Daily workout email
    • Mobile App access via Training Peaks
  • Sport specific field testing to monitor progress and set training zones
    • Heart rate
    • Pace
  • Strength workouts focused on improving durability and injury prevention.

Race planning & analysis:

  • Individualized pacing plans. Recommendations on pace, heart rate, & fueling/hydration

Unlimited coach contact:

  • Unlimited contact with your coach via email and text

Team discord server:

  • Closed discord server for team announcements & coordinating group activities
  • Group chat

Note: *A credit card processing fee of 3% will be assessed if a credit card is used for payment. Venmo payments are available without a processing fee. In addition, $15 USAT one-day waiver fees will be assessed at program check-in for all NON USAT members. No refunds are available for this program. Accommodation, and other associated travel costs are not included in the fee for this camp.

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