Couch to sprint distance triathlon program

Triathlon events are returning in 2021. Don’t miss the opportunity to get started again and return to racing. If you are a veteran who has had a long layoff or if you have never raced a triathlon and you would like to try your first event, join the group and train together.

Designed for athletes looking to get back off the couch after a long lay off in 2020: The goal is simple. Couch to sprint triathlon in 12 weeks. The target race is New Jersey State Triathlon – one the nation’s largest triathlon events and an annual sellout. The course is perfect. It is flat and fast and the swim is a lake swim.

Focus is on skills mastery, functional strength, race strategy and pacing, and aerobic development. Athletes will be streamed between basic & advanced progressions based upon prior athletic experience and current fitness.

While training as a team, athletes will enjoy the camaraderie and encouragement of team mates. Effort and support of others is the cultural center of the team. The team is diverse, has a wide range of ages, and is gender balanced.

Note: The safety of all athletes, coaches, and staff is of paramount concern as we collectively face the health and safety risks of the COVID-19 Pandemic. All Startline Coaching programs follow USA Swimming best practices, USA Triathlon Safe Return to Multisport Guidelines and Return to Racing Recommendations for Race Directors and the directives issued by federal, state and local authorities. All athletes, coaches, & staff engaged in Startline Coaching programs are expected to follow the USA Triathlon Return to Racing recommendations for Athletes as well as Startline Coaching Return to Training Safety Code of Conduct.

12-Week Sprint Triathlon program



  • 12 Weeks
  • Start: April 24, 2021
  • End: Jul 17, 2021

Group training sessions:

  • Located in Prospect Park (Brooklyn NY) @15 St. & Prospect Park West
  • Wednesday evening run @7 pm
  • Saturday morning run or bike @8 am
  • No bag watch will be provided
  • Located at Brighton Beach (Brooklyn NY) @ Grimaldo’s chair – Brighton 6th St.
  • Saturday morning Open Water swims @10 am starting after Memorial Day
  • No bag watch will be provided
  • Note: No Saturday session on 5/1, 5/29, 6/19, & 7/3.

Program plan:

  • Season plan streaming athletes into different training progressions based upon:
    • Current fitness
    • Progress through the program
  • Weekly detailed training plan
    • Daily workout email
    • Mobile App access via Training Peaks
    • 2 group training sessions/week (run, bike, or open water swim)
    • Daily solo workouts in all 3 sports (swim, bike, & run)
  • Sport specific field testing to monitor progress and set training zones
    • Heart rate
    • Power
    • Pace
  • Rowing, & strength workouts may also be prescribed as solo workouts for cross training purposes.
  • Note: No direct in pool swim instruction is part of this program. Direct swim instruction is limited to open water swimming only.

Race planning & analysis:

  • Individualized pacing plans for all races. Recommendations on pace, power, heart rate, & fueling/hydration

Unlimited coach contact:

  • Unlimited contact with your coach via email and text
  • One on One coach contact @ scheduled group training sessions

Team Facebook group:

  • Closed group for team announcements
  • Access to all Startline Coaching presentations & resources
  • Group chat

Note: **An additional $30 USAT waiver fee will be assessed for NON USAT members. In addition, a credit card processing fee of $15 will also be assessed. Target race registration fees, accommodation, and other associated racing costs are not included in the fee for this training program. No refunds are available for this program.

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