Consistency is key

Juggling training, work, and life can be difficult. Winter can be cold, and that trip to the pool can seem just too far.  Work blows up, you have a social obligation, or you have to go on a business trip. I get it.

It is at times like this that you need to focus on the single most important thing to your training and that is consistency. Consistency (frequency) is far more important than how much you do (volume). Cutting a workout back and making it shorter is the better option than skipping to double up later in the week.  We all cut workouts but long breaks of several days materially affect your hard earned fitness.

As a coach, I’d rather see a 30 minute effort than days of cutting workouts because you did not have the time to execute the assigned workout. Almost everyone can squeeze in 30. The body loves regularity and to work. It is a mammalian trait. Your body needs to be constantly reminded that it is a working machine and expects to be worked. Be consistent and your body will respond.

That is not to say you cannot vacation or you must say good bye to family when you train,. Just make sure you put in a little me time each day. You will be happier, much less grumpy, and not feeling like you are starting from scratch each time life throws a planned or unplanned curve ball.