2017 training camps – preview announcement

ost-logoWhile the training camp dates are not officially announced, Start Line Coaching will be coaching 2.5 day triathlon training camps in partnership with open sky training in 2017.

Located in the beautiful Hudson Valley, prepare for your A race with a 2.5 day program tuned to your race goals and experience.

Dates: May 19-21, 2017 & June 23-25, 2017. Mark your calendar.

Training camps include a swim instruction clinic, open water practice, heart rate & event specific pacing discussions, multiple opportunities for long distance biking & running over rigorous terrain, and coach guidance on technique and strategy in all disciplines.USAT10SanctionedEvents

The camp is fully catered (the food is outstanding) and includes accommodations while spots in the house last.

Watch www.openskytraining.com, follow this blog, or follow me on Twitter @startlinecoach for more updates on when registration opens.