Running Drills – Spend the time

There are many running drills out there that have been developed over many years by elite track & field coaches. For athletes it is important to just focus on a couple at a time, and do them consistently, in order to improve. Jumping randomly from drill to drill without consistent execution will not give your body a chance to imprint the new neuromuscular patterns effectively.

New movements will create struggle. Start will less complex drills. Relax and think of the rule of sixes. You have to do a new drill at least six times before you start to feel some confidence and change.

Good starting drills are:

  1. Pony – Focuses on ground contact & lifting the heel
  2. High knee skipping or A skip – Hip flexion, posterior chain development, and ground contact recoil.
  3. Grapevines – Balance and coordination when moving laterally. Strength and development of inner & outer thigh.
  4. Strides – Development of stride fluidity at faster running paces.
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